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My friends made me do it

Date: 2008-03-20 20:02
Subject: Sponsors...
Security: Public
I am now on the hunt for potential sponsors for the party next year. A sponsor will get advertising on our event flyers. Money to the cause means more prizes for next year. I have a few businesses lined up but they will not be announced until further notice. I have been getting feedback from many people in thanks for the show. I welcome you all and hope it was a good night to remember. 
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Date: 2008-03-03 13:56
Subject: sweet tooth
Security: Public
Music:Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Running Down a Dream
Tags:pocky, ramune

So how many of you out there have heard of Pocky? If you have then how about Ramune soda? Just restocking the shelves at work and it occured to me how many people I know of who hasn't heard of it or can't get enough of the stuff. *shrug* Just strange randomness from the Beckster. Have a good day Ya'll!

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Date: 2008-02-11 16:47
Subject: Irony at it's best
Security: Public
Tags:anime, japanese, work
 So I'm at work. We have the radio on in the background and turning japanese comes on the radio. I check out a custonmer renting anime and somehow I find the irony in that. I know that is not what the song is about but come on people that's just funny.
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Date: 2008-02-06 22:46
Subject: Hospitals
Security: Public
So I never felt so comfortable being in a hospital before. Don't worry I'm just visiting someone here. We are watching 310 to Yuma. I've seen it once but this is the second time. It's pretty cool. I'm not blood family but they are letting me chill here as long as I don't stay the night. It's the perfect end to a good day. Huzzah! Hope everyone had a good day. I feel as though a great weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
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Date: 2008-02-06 02:51
Subject: Freinds and Gaming
Security: Public


It's been a Blah kinda day. I ran my werewolf game tonight and even though we had our tangents I think it ran smoothly. I was the mostly guilty party on the rants of tangentalism that had nothing to do with the game. I am going to have to weed out the people that don't even call to let me know they aren't going to make it. It sucks too, I enjoy having all of my players there but showing for one game every 2 or 3 months is a bit taxing. My plot line ends up going nowhere because at least one person almost every game is playing catch-up. I now realize why people don't like big gaming groups. If I could just get everyone to show for at least 2 games a month that would be fabulous. I tried the 2 games a month thing but I ended up having a harder time getting back into the groove of my story that way and most of the players couldn't remember all the really big details in the prior game. It takes it's toll on everyone after a while.

I have kept to my schedule of playing in only one game a week though. I run one and play in one. It's more enjotable choosing quality orver quantity. I've been in the past in up to 4 games a week. You end up getting burned out on it real fast. The people that don't normally get under your skin start getting under your skin especially if you play in the same gaming circles. The only downside to that is you find out which people are your gaming friends, your aquaintences and your true friends that way. It's harsh but true. I haven't dropped a line with alot of former gaming buddies though. Feel kinda guilty about that. The last gaming group I left probably thinks I hate all of them for the most part. Don't listen to the rumors. All of you have been in my thoughts. If they are reading his and want the truth just ask the source. If you could give two shits and don't bother after 6 months then I get the drift that you don't want both sides and thats fine. You don't ask, I won't bother letting ya know.

This blog seems to be taking a turn away from gaming of any kind. I have stumbled upon the realization that all of the people I have made friends with I like even though I may not hang out with them on a regular basis... or even hang out with them at all anymore. Sometimes I wish I could be at 30 places at once. I have a metric fuck ton of good memories that I will hold onto for the rest of my life. On one hand if I were to spend time with a different buddy every day for the next year it would leave about 3 months out of the year for spending time with my son. That would make for a very shitty mom move on my part. On the other hand I dislike that I cannot spend more time with those I care about if any at all. I only hope that those people don't end up thinking I don't want to associate with them anymore because of this. Life comes at you fast and you can't always dodge the speed bumps. I do hope that when I pass on that people don't resent me for whatever reason they would. I wish nothing but the best of what they reap for themselves. Remember kiddos you do reap what you sow. By the Gods I try my damndest the sow the right things and learn from what I've screwed up but we are not always given that chance; especcially if you don't know how you screwed it up.

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Date: 2008-01-28 14:26
Subject: plastic spiky bits
Security: Public

So I'm at work and the games coordinator walks in with new terrain for warhammer 40k. I take a look and get an idea for an objective marker. I rummage through all his stuff and now I'm making a fence with cans on it. I thought to myself 'Hey, who says spacemarines don't like a little redneck target practice too?' Filing bits down sucks. I think my left hand should just about fall off now. I think it will turn out looking good though. My first miniature and it is custom made and not a skaven. I have an skaven entire army for warhamer fantasy but I'm still filing bits down. this project looks like it will be finish soon. I'll post pics when it's done.

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Date: 2008-01-21 15:49
Subject: Funny as hell!
Security: Public
Music:some crap on the radio
Tags:d&d 4th ed.
 A gay gnome with a badger and an angsty tiefling. 
you have got to check this out if you are a gamer.
Christi you will either love this or hate it. hehe. *punt*


Let me know what ya'll think.
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Date: 2008-01-07 04:43
Subject: Wow, How in the hell.
Security: Public
Just a random thought on polotics. 

Will we ever from here on out gain  president that isn't made fun of by a vast majority of people?

It seems to be an on going trend. 
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Date: 2007-09-18 16:02
Subject: Good song
Security: Public
Music:Nine Inch Nails (any and every song played on random)
Can you guess the artist? Gee I've been on a rampage since saturday night. I can't get certain songs out of my head. This is one of them. I never thought I would say this but Trent Reznor rocks on graham crackers. I hate you for getting that stuck in my head Kelly.

I'm trying to come up with something for my werewolf game. My players have been continually calling all day while I was at work. I try to answer them all, even the texts but I can't 50 % of the time. Sorry if I missed ya, I will check again. See ya'll round.

"Where Is Everybody?"

did you happen to catch
or did it happen so fast
what you thought would always last
has passed you by
is everything speeding up
or am I slowing down
just spinning around
and I don't know why
all the pieces don't fit
thought I really didn't give a shit
I never wanted to be like you
but for all I aspire
I am really a liar
and I'm running out of things I can do

I'd like to stay
but every day
everything pushes me further away
if you could show
help me to know
how it's supposed to be
where did it go?

pleading and
needing and
bleeding and
breeding and
where is everybody?
trying and lying
defying denying
crying and dying
where is everybody?

well okay, enough,
you've had your fun
but come on there has to be someone
that hasn't yet become
so numb and succumb
and god damn I am so tired of pretending
of wishing I was ending
when all I'm really doing is trying to hide
and keep it inside
and fill it with lies
open my eyes?
maybe I wish I could try

pleading and needing
and bleeding and breeding
and feeding exceeding
where is everybody?
trying and lying
defying denying
crying and dying
where is everybody?

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Date: 2007-09-17 14:11
Subject: AHA!!
Security: Public

Burn the bridges down and cut yourself off!!

just a random thought concerning a current situation. *shrug*

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